John March

CopsWhen You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney

Sometimes you or a loved one used  poor judgment  or wrongfully accused. They break the law. Or, maybe you have made a mistake. I don't judge you. I defend you and represent your interests to the best of my ability.

What You Should Expect When You Work with a Criminal Defense Attorney

First, expect your attorney to explore every effective strategy and look for reasonable options in preparation for the defense of your case.

John March, a Criminal Defense attorney with more than 16 years of experience takes your case personally. He will prepare to defend your case as though he were doing that for a family member or a good friend.

Expect John to give you an honest evaluation of your situation. When you are facing charges, you want to know the best-case and worst-case scenario—not vague promises but what you might expect as unreasonable outcomes. John knows the courts and the judges. He is passionate about providing the highest level of quality service for his clients.

When you engage John March as your Criminal Defense Attorney, you get John March, not some junior attorney fresh out of law school.

In addition, you’ll have easy access to John and you won’t be waiting around for him to respond to your calls and questions.

John’s reviews speak volumes about the quality of his representation and the results he achieves. As you’ll see, he’s made a positive difference in the lives of the people he represents.

John March is committed to the needs of his clients. He takes seriously the responsibility to live up to the highest standards of the profession. Count on aggressive representation based on diligent preparation.

No matter the offense, it is important that you be in a position to make good decisions with respect to your case and your future. John March can help. He represents Clients throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

You may call John to discuss you case and get a free evaluation. Call 804.788.4412

Below is a list of the types of cases handled:

• Murder
• Violent Offenses
• Robbery
• Breaking and Entering
• Larceny
• Embezzlement
• Drug Offenses
• Exile Charges
• Habitual Offender and all other traffic offenses
• 4th Amendment Search and Seizure
• Miranda Warnings
• Identification Issues
• Appeals