Protect Your Rights And Your Reputation When Being Investigated For White Collar Crimes

Although many people associate white collar crime with Wall Street, big government or large corporate environments, the fact is that regular people right here in Richmond often find themselves facing accusations of fraud, embezzlement and various other white collar crimes.

If you are under investigation for an alleged crime, there's little time to waste. I am John A. March, and I will help you understand what you're up against while building a strong defense strategy against the charges.

Experienced Defense Counsel Against Criminal Charges

Federal criminal charges are not to be taken lightly. The authorities and prosecutors take these cases very seriously — and so should you. By securing representation, you're not admitting fault, you're simply protecting your rights and professional reputation.

With more than 17 years of experience, I understand the legal and professional implications of these types of accusations. Whether you are under investigation or already face charges, I will see that you are treated fairly, minimize exposure and develop a strategy tailored to your case.

As an accomplished litigation lawyer, I know what it takes to defend clients facing federal criminal investigations, including:

  • Credit card theft or fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Pension fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Identity theft or fake ID cases
  • Welfare or public assistance fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Writing bad checks
  • Computer and Internet crimes
  • RICO
  • Perjury, false claims, false statements and obstruction of justice
  • Money laundering
  • Tax crimes
  • Public corruption

Clear, Honest And Effective Defense Representation

White collar crimes are often complex, requiring the counsel and representation of an attorney experienced in handling federal and state charges at both the trial and appellate level. With an established reputation in the Richmond legal community for putting my clients first, you can feel confident knowing I will use every resource at my disposal to defend your interests.

Call my firm, John A. March, Attorney at Law, at 804-554-3729. You can also complete an online contact form to reach me via email. My office is located in downtown Richmond, Virginia, and I work with clients throughout the Richmond metro area.