Reckless Driving Is A Serious Charge That Deserves Serious Attention From An Attorney

If you or a loved one has been charged with reckless driving, it is important to select an experienced attorney who can effectively and aggressively defend you. Depending on the severity of the offense and your history of traffic violations, you might face harsh penalties for a reckless driving conviction, including fines up to $2,500, demerit points added to your driving record and up to 12 months in jail.

A Reckless Driving Conviction Can Compromise Your Job

My name is John A. March, and I have more than 17 years of experience defending clients against a wide range of criminal and traffic offenses. Whether you are from the Richmond area or were cited for reckless driving while passing through the region, it's important to work with a local attorney who can help you navigate the local courts.

In Virginia, if you drive 81 mph or over (no matter what the limit), you will be charged with more than just speeding, but reckless driving. This is no longer a simple traffic violation; it is a serious offense that can incur steep fines, time in jail, and could compromise your government clearance if you are in the military or work for the state or federal government.

When facing this very serious offense, you want an aggressive defense equipped to handle both negotiation and courtroom litigation.

What If I'm From Out Of State?

If you are an out-of-state driver facing a reckless driving citation, it's important to understand that unless you have an attorney representing you, you will be required to appear in court for a Class 1 misdemeanor. Whether the alleged infraction occurred on Interstate 95, I-64, I-295 or Route 288, I will fight to get the charges reduced or dismissed altogether. Although it may be frustrating and embarrassing, after being pulled over do not hesitate to schedule a consultation to discuss the facts of your situation with an experienced lawyer.

Don't Underestimate The Consequences Of A Reckless Driving Citation

Although traffic violations may seem relatively minor compared to other legal issues, hikes in your insurance, stiff fines, demerit points added to your license and numerous other consequences can quickly pile up.

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